A fortysomething, but still not settled.
Born in 1969.
Living in the cinema, recently in Multikino. And happy with it.
Cinema world citizen, but with Poznań at heart. Well-known and well-liked in its hometown, country and abroad.
Not affluent, but rich in a cabinet full of films.
Never watches alone, always with a large company. The oldest, who used to pop in as children, now bring along their grandchildren. The youngest need a pram to come over since they are still too young to walk. Some come on their own, some with parents, others with their class. It is always cool.
In top form, never stops developing.
Often hosts stars. Directors. Young actors.
Cared for by the Children’s Art Centre. The carer is younger than the caree. The Centre is twenty five. They get on really well.
Earns a living thanks to the generous support of the City of Poznań and other good-hearted institutions, companies and individuals. Worth giving help to. Will be grateful for any assistance.

This year, on the occasion of the anniversary, it invites you to watch over 100 appealing films and festival events. It will take the most popular animations off the shelf. It has invited musicians to play magical live music. It has invited singing children. It has invited Lech Poznań footballers to attend football films. It has invited friends from other festivals. It is going to be amazing.
You are also invited to visit the 40-year-old Ale Kino! Festival! Don’t miss it!
On behalf of the Festival at forty,

Jerzy Moszkowicz
Festival Director

It is for the seventh time that Multikino in Poznań will be pleased to host the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! Over the years, the Festival has become one of the most important and valuable cultural events addressed to the youngest audience.

I am pleased to invite the young viewers for the world’s best films. Wishing you many unforgettable experiences,

Piotr Zygo
President of the Management Board Multikino S.A.